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HBS Delli
HBS Delli
We are where our customers and consumers need us most, which is why we have offices,
plants production companies and distribution and sales centers
at strategic points within Mexico and Republic Dominican.
Presencia - HBS Delli
Plants and Distribution Centers
HBS-Delli has 5 production plants strategically located
in the southeast and center of the country. At those same points,
it has Collection and Distribution Centers for products for efficient delivery.
MERIDA Yucatan Vendamar

Distribution Center for Retail, Pacific and Gulf.

Manufacturing plant:
Syrups and concentrates
Maquila of own brands

Morgan Oleptic
Production plant of profiles and essences for the food industry.
R&D Laboratory
Maquila and Development of Raw Materials
National distribution center.

Packaging factory.

IZAMAL Yucatan Vendamar

Production center for national retail channels.

Manufacturing plant:

CDMX Vendamar

Manufacturing plant:
HORECA products
Maquila of own brands

Production center for national retail channels.

Playa del carmen Quintana ROO Vendamar

Distribution center for hotels and retail in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Manufacturing plant:
Meat products and sausages Camponuevo.

Manufacturing plant:
water and ice
Maquila of Own Brands of bottled water.

cozumel Quintana ROO Vendamar

Manufacturing plant:
Water and Ice San Andrés
Distribution center for hotels and retail

Medical and diving oxygen production center.